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3 Cornerstones for Building Your Company's Seo Strategy

Posted: Mon Feb 20, 2023 11:08 am
by sadiasuraiya
If you think that to create an SEO strategy that brings your website among the first places on Google you just need to use a tool, know that technology applied to marketing has made great strides in recent years but they are not enough to set aside human reasoning . To obtain web pages that are positioned among the first places in the SERP , a series of analytical, optimization and maintenance activities are needed, but it is essential to consider the 3 cornerstones of SEO. SEO starts with analyzing your business An SEO strategy is not a standardized sequence of activities that always leads to the growth of a business. For example, it is not enough to write accurate texts including the first 10 keywords extracted from a tool.

Keywords must be chosen based on your type of business. You need to analyze different aspects of your business and determine what results you want to Latest Mailing Database achieve through digital marketing and SEO. Before doing keyword research , answer these ten questions: What are my company's strengths and weaknesses? What business goals do I want to achieve? Is search engine optimization helpful in reaching them? What KPIs should I consider to monitor the progress of the strategy? Who are my competitors and what marketing operations are they carrying out? What internal resources can I use for the SEO strategy? Which external specialists do I need? How much time do I have to reach the predetermined goals? How much budget can I invest? What do I need to do immediately to be competitive and what can I put off? None of these questions are useless.


Each answer gives you a clear vision of the situation from which your company starts and of the road it must take to reach the intermediate stages first and then the final destination. An in-depth analysis of the company is indispensable for planning the activities necessary for the correct positioning of the site or e-commerce on the search engine. Optimize for your Buyer Personas In marketing, Buyer Personas (BPs) are detailed representations of the company's customers. This you probably know. What I invite you to think about is how your target user searches on the search engine, where they do it from, why they don't land on the pages of your website or e-commerce . Keywords should be chosen based on the search intent of your Buyer Personas . If, for example, you want to sell bottles to companies that bottle wine, you probably won't want to base your SEO strategy on the keyword "bottle of wine", but it will be more correct to start with a keyword like "bottles for wine".